Olympics will probably be postponed by up to 1 year


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Which players does this impact? Fed will be 40 by the time this is played.
That’s actually good, because it means he definitely won’t retire at the end of this season. That was almost sure anyway, but now it’s 100 %.


In tennis terms, Djokovic has been the biggest loser in this situation.
The great title that is missing from his extensive trophy collection will have to wait at least 1 year, if not more.


They should have postponed it months ago. But no they had to bring the Olympic flame to Tokyo.

They were the next level of retardation.


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If the Olympics do take place in 2021 it will be the first time in history they will have taken place in an odd-numbered year. However it will still be referred to as Tokyo 2020!

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thats not so bad. Give the athletes a little break before ramping up and trying to peak at the right time again.


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Beats me why any city would want to host the Olympics!

'16 Rio: Zika virus
'20 Tokyo: corona
'24 Paris: just last summer Paris recorded 109 F. How high a '24 record is anyone's guess!
'28 LA: doomsday fire?

But it's a golden chance to waste public money!