omg. i have no idea what i'm doing.

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    Jan 24, 2006
    okay. so I tried stringing today without having the faintest idea of how to string. bad idea. lol. So I have a alpha pioneer DC, its a dropweight. After you pull the do u make the what do you call it...gripper? let go of the string? It grabs it so hard and then it damages the string. I have no idea what I'm doing you guys. Does anyone have a video or something of a guy stringing w/ dropweight. I'm lost.
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    If you mean the clamps, they are adjustable...there is a wheel on each one that you can turn to adjust how tightly they grip. Sounds like you need to adjust your clamps.

    The stringer comes with a "how to" doc that you should read a couple of times, and the sptennis link above should be very helpful.

    You might want to wait until tomorrow and call Alpha, they'll walk/talk you through things, give them a call.

    Visit this site for help w/knots:

    Take your time, and if you can't finish tonight, release all tension on the string (don't leave the racquet partly strung overnight, and start over tomorrow. :)

    It's easy, really, just takes a little time to "see" how it goes and then it quickly becomes a simple task.
  4. gotwheels

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    Nov 8, 2004
    If your Alpha Pioneer DC has the ratchet clutch rather than the silent clutch, you must lift the small ratchet lever release (lower left of the clutch assembly) to release the clutch to remove the string from the linear string gripper. If this is your issue, it is a very simple procedure. Of course, finish clamping the tensioned string before releasing this ratchet lever.

    Contact Alpha/NewTech Tennis and they will provide you with a basic document describing the operating features of the Alpha Pioneer DC Plus.
  5. Redflea

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    Aug 30, 2004
    The Pioneer DC Plus does have the ratchet clucth setup.

    I think you're right, I misunderstood, he's referring to releasing the string from the linear gripper... :)

    When you have the string tensioned properly, (bar is horizontal) grasp the bar at the weight w/your right hand, push down slightly, then w/your left hand pull the ratchet tooth away from the ratchet teeth where the bar mounts to the machine, and then lift the bar up until it rests tilted towards the turntable. The linear gripper releases the string automatically when you take tension off the string.

    All of this is in the docs that come in the box w/the machine...if you didn't get the docs, call Alpha as Gotwheels says, and have them send them to you.
  6. Steve Huff

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    Feb 11, 2004
    You aren't PULLING the arm down to horizontal, are you? That would explain why the string is so tight. Better get someone to teach you how.

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