On Movement: Osaka vs Andreescu vs Serena

How do the upstarts compare movement-wise to the legend in her prime?

  • They move about as well as Serena ever did

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  • Serena in the past clearly moved much better than they do and was quicker

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  • Serena even now moves better and is quicker than either

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  • Osaka moves better than either ever has

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  • Andreescu moves better than either ever has

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Yes, a WTA thread.

Osaka and Andreescu are, to me, the two best female players to emerge since Victoria Azarenka won a major in 2012. And Azarenka was the best player to emerge since Sharapova won Wimbledon in 2004.

The thing about Osaka and Andreescu that impresses me is they are both hard-hitting, offensive players who move well. They're not terribly quick but they're big hitters that visibly move much better than the Sharapovas and Kvitovas and Pliskovas of the tennis world, and this combination, along with their solid serves, explains why I expect them to win a good many majors.

My question is, how do you think their movement/speed compares to Serena's movement in her physical prime?
Serena in her prime was one of the fastest players I've seen. I remember davenport hit no winners outside of aces vs her in the first set of the 02 USO SF. I doubt davenport ever played someone who could prevent her from hitting winners for an entire set. It was hard to get a ball by serena back then.


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Serena moves with the grace of a charging rhino.

Her entire game is so anti-elegant, I don't understand how any self-respecting tennis "purists" can possibly root for her or commend the way she plays. Her movements are clumsy, she appears to stumble towards balls, rather than run. Her speed is enviable, despite her appearing to be completely hopeless: a great mystery how she manages such speed moving this way.

She is often compared to Federer coz of the slams, but she is the polar opposite of him in every way.
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