One Day Presidential Traverse


Anyone here ever attempt this hike? I did it this past Saturday w/ some friends, and all I can say is the following:
It is an accomplishment that I will never try again, and had I known what was involved, would likely never have attempted in the first place.​

Now granted, I am older (47) and my fellow hikers were 30, 21, and 20, all of them in great shape (the two youngest are Navy ROTC), but still, to attempt this in 1 day is just ludicrous. I will post a few of my pics when I get them off my phone, but they don't do it justice. My calves are shot, as are my quads, and likely will be that way for the next couple days. Walking is a struggle. Hell, getting into & out of the car is next to impossible.

11h 47m from trailhead to the AMC Highland Center.


Talk Tennis Guru
Hmmm. I thought that you were talking about the other kind of traverse. Pretty easy to do here.