One handed backhand thread: value, technique and else

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    Dec 19, 2012
    I was comparing both backhands, not their backhands and their forehand when I worded it this way. As for weaker, Gasquet has struck a 106 mph backhand at the French Open against Murray not so long ago... I can't recall the year, but I'll never forget the number. I do not know what you have to say regarding this, but I barely ever saw a forehand that was struck this hard. I have seen a few 100 mph forehands, even 105, but above that mark exist only a handful of examples.

    To make a fair call on these, I'd need a few backhand and forehand to build two samples. Say, between 20 and 30 of each, numbered in mph and I'd take only winners because I want to compare their respective output. Assuming the distribution is normal to save time, I can tell you if the difference between their respective means is big enough to say which is better. I might actually do it someday if I feel like wasting time gathering data on that subject.
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    it sure is better looking... the single hander.

    it is the rare double hander that doesn't look slightly feminine...
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    it's definitely "bigger" in that the stroke is longer. On the backswing the rackethead is further back when it goes horizonal. And at contact the ball is further forward and away from the body. All this adds up to is a longer stroke.

    I don't have direct data on the "faster" part, but it makes sense that a longer stroke has more speed potential, especially when it is coupled with a lot of supination, which is usually is. The "strike zone" may be smaller, but within that strike zone I think the 1hbh is faster.

    "Free flowing" is more subjective, however, many people prefer the 1hbh because it feels more free flowing. I've never heard someone say they like the 2hbh because it is more free flowing.

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