One of the best shots in Men's tennis


Natural, Smooth, Sophisticated and Ultra powerful when needed, Gasquet's BH is way better than Wawrinka's. It works on all surfaces, doesn't need a minute to set up... and as far as I remember, I've never seen Wawrinka hit a jumping backhand.

A man who can't hit a jumping backhand can never be the man who has the best BH on tour.
Gasquet might have a good BH, might even be underrated by some, but no way in hell is it even close to being one of the best shots in men’s put it nicely
Looks nice but not effective enough. For starters, he doesn't mix up with the backhand. A single handed backhand of that calibre should have more disguise. It's a bit like Theim ripping out backhands.
Why are you posting a vid of young Gasquet? The last we saw of him was 2009 Australian open against Gonzalez. Post drugs ban I guess he just felt lucky to be a millionaire and had no ambitions to win anything big. His whole game lacked purpose & intensity from that point. I remeber at this years French, his coach Santoro imploring him to go all out against Nadal. What happened. Gasquet just played his normal lacklustre game. I felt embarrased for Fabrice.