Opened vs Closed String Patterns

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by weihrri, Jun 2, 2005.

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    I've played with Prince rackets for many years but because the mains are 16 rather than 18 I break strings often. When I played with the Graphite XB the strings would last longer than with the Graphite Triple Threat that I currently use, but the XB got a little too heavy after two hours on the court. So, I've been on a long journey to find the best strings when considering price, pop and longevity. The best I've come up with is using Luxilon ALU for mains and Laserfibre tour for crosses. This combo gives me 12-15 hours before the strings break.

    I guess my options are to buy a racket that uses 18 strings for mains or to keep my Prince and buy a stringer for < $200. I think I'll keep the Prince and buy the stringer. I do like it but it's become a hassle to constantly get it strung.

    Anyway, I know 18 strings for mains would increase longevity considering everything else is equal but what are the differences (if any) with how a racket with 16 mains would play versus a racket with 18 mains.

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    Racquets like Head and Dunlop play very boardy or firm because they have very dense string patterns (18X20). Frames like the older Prince's (i.e. Graphite, Spectrum, CTS) have the nice open 16X18 patterns that I like. I can get really good spin on groundstrokes and serves from the open patterns but as you said the string longevity suffers. The open patterns seem easier on my elbow and allow me to string my frames very tight the way I like them. The combo of open patterna and tight tension really allow me to hit out and with awesome spin. Right now I would consider either the Pro Staff Ncode 90 or Yonex RDX 500 in a 90 head size. However, it looks like you have made up your mind about buying a machine. It really pays for itself.
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    i want try a prestige with 16 mains

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