Opening up the Baiardo


My shop has one of the original Baiardos and the tension motor is dying out. It's making a ton of noise and will lock up every few pulls. The whole machine will become unresponsive and you have to do a power cycle.

Anyone know the process of removing the top cover to access the insides?

There's a YT video from Wilson showing how to remove/replace the motor but it starts with the cover off already.


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Haven’t been down that road, so sorry to say I don’t have any experience to share. But looks like the video @kkm posted shows what needs to be done.


The heart transplant is complete.That YT video makes it look like a cinch but it took a few mornings to complete. My wire layout is a little bit different, I think mine is an older design.

Popping out the old motor took a lot of elbow grease and there's one mounting bolt that's a pain to get at.
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Can we assume that the patient is alive now or died on the operating table? Have you tried stringing on the Baiardo yet? :alien:


Yeah the old motor was toast. I got to string 3 rackets on it immediately with no issue. It feels as good as new.


Should have made a video of the process
I could always simulate the process in a video. I had to do this over the course of a few mornings starting at ~6 AM. If I would have made a video, it'd be scuffed with me being frustrated, tired and taking breaks because of my back aching from hunching over lol.
Did that machine get a lot of use to eventually cause motor to go bad?
It had near 8000 rackets strung and I estimate it's a decade old. I think that's a pretty good lifespan, grease/oil was seeping out of it.

The new motor was $300 for anyone wondering.

jim e

300 for the motor.
I remember a few months ago someone posted that they replaced a motor for their Babolat machine, and was told to use a windshield wiper motor, and said it replaced it perfect.
I wonder if motors would be the same across different brands as most likely not many suppliers of such a part.