Operation Liftoff: Alex Donski and Lazar Dokov - A Pro Tennis Vlog


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So yesterday I came across this channel on YouTube, Operation Liftoff, a pro tennis vlog, that shows how the 18-year old rising Bulgarian player, Alex Donski, who was a top 100 ITF Junior player in 2016 is fighting his way through the ATP rankings. He also played at the Junior U.S Open last year. Alex has been making these videos since November of 2016 with the help of his 20-year old cousin, Lazar Dokov, who is a dedicated filmmaker and I must say they're pretty entertaining from what I've seen so far. I saw their last video (Episode 6) that they released from the F1 futures tournament in Antalya, Turkey a couple of days ago.

Check it out:

What do you think about it?


18 years old and he still doesn't have a main draw Futures win yet? He's never coming close to even the Top 500

The video has decent production values though. I wish they'd do something like that with a player who actually has potential
If you look at couple of vids you will see quality and lvl needed to achieve only a single atp point.
I think its a different planet from this one on forum hehe.