Optimal racket

I want to change my racket. Been having a 265g Wilson ncore but playing much better now I feel it's not optimal.
I play 4/4.5 us level.
My strongest shot is my one handed backhand (it's close between me and wawrinka haha ) and I play forehand with quite some lift. I dint go to the net very often.
I found a shop in my city where I can try rackets before buying. What would you guys recommend trying?

Thanks a million!
I hope you’re aware that none of those players actually use those racquets that they endorse. For a one-handed backhand people tend towards 27”, <100” headsize, headlight balance. Might wanna do some more research and examine your options.

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They don't ? Didnt know, no
Thanks for the recommendation
The babolat and the yonex meet the 27 inches and <100 headsizse. What does headlight balance mean/how is it measured though ?
Headlight balance basically just means that there’s more weight towards the handle than in the hoop. You can roughly measure balance by placing your racquet on a table or desk with the head leaning off the edge. Slowly push the racquet off the edge until the butt lifts off of the surface. Measure from that point to the surface edge in mm and you have an estimate of balance, which will correspond to a certain number of points headlight. Going straight from a 265 gram racquet to a vcore pro 330 would likely be a daunting step, but demoing the 310 version could a good thing. The pure strike is renowned as a strong performer that unfortunately can often contribute to tendinitis or other arm injury over time. 360 speed pro is well regarded I think. Of course what I do when I want another racquet is I just scour someplace like fleabay for a used one that lines up with my desired specs which is well-liked and snag it. This is generally much cheaper than buying a current model new, unless perhaps your shop offers a free stringing with a racquet purchase.

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What kind of string do you use? How often do you change strings? Answering these questions is as important as the racket question. Right off the bat, here are my recommendations:

Wilson Blade 98 16x19

Wilson Burn 100 countervail

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP

Graphene Extreme MP on sale for 119

Prince Beast or Warrior 100,

Any of the 100 series from Yonex.

These should work well as an upgrade to your nCode until your strokes are more developed. Look on the used section and clearance to save any money you can when buying. Use the demo program TW offers as well to get a taste before you pull the trigger. All the best.
Don’t be afraid to look at lesser known brands too. Prince beast 98 or 100 sounds like a fairly nice middle ground if all that’s been mentioned.

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Demo programs and budget rackets are your best friend. Keep in mind that a 10 yr old racket is still good. I've been thinking of picking up some k95s just cause after my hiatus my rackets feel too soft.