Option to always show threads started by ignored members?


I would love it if there were an option in the user CP that would allow viewing of threads started by ignored members. There are some pretty offensive people on the forums that happen to also start a lot of important match threads. The result is that I initially miss popular match threads. To see all threads I either have to log out and check for those 'hidden threads', or I need to un-ignore those users. Both options are a pain.

Is such an option technically possible, and if so, how do we go about requesting this?


it's radical, idk if it will work, but maybe try not ignoring people
*adds Carsomyr to ignore list*

Just kidding. It's what I'm doing right now, but it would be nice to hide posts by a few select people. On other forums it makes sense to block all posts and threads by an annoying user, but it never makes sense to hide entire match threads. A good solution for me would be a checkbox 'show threads started by ignored members'.

Here's an alternate radical idea: if a user is being ignored by more than 10 users each with more than 1000 posts, don't allow that person to start threads in the Pro Match Results forum. Added benefit: the user might reconsider his or her ways. :)


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That's interesting. I always thought if you blocked someone it just removed their posts. I didn't know that it made threads disappear completely if they happened to be started by them :eek: That is pretty strange.

Imo most of the people who cultivate the official match threads are good people. There may be some exceptions but maybe revisit your ignore list and learn to tolerate some of their strange comments in order to enjoy the rest of their content as you don't want to be missing match threads.


Because all the people I like are posting great comments in the match thread started by that horrible person! fml

Don't know if that feature exists. I've got a few in my killfile. Very unlikely any of them would create a worthwhile thread.
Just want to bring this back, Imo it would be better to have the ignored content button on the top of the page. It would certainly make it more user friendly for phone use. Thank you TW.


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Contact XenForo, they own the forum source code. I doubt TW would tinker with the source to implement features.