Ordering Racquet from the UK since Brexit?


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Has anyone ordered a racquet for UK delivery since Brexit?

TWE take 20% VAT off, when it gets delivered I assume the 20% UK VAT is then calculated from the import docs, did they use a reasonable exchange rate?

Also, what other charges did you have to pay?

I’m trying to understand what the total price would be.
As I understand it (someone please correct me if I'm wrong!) if the cost is under £135 then you pay VAT at source and it's dead simple. I just ordered one of the outgoing PK Q+ Tours from TWE at just under 100 Euro unstrung and it was just shipped and arrived fine, no issues or extra costs, I just paid the advertised web price. But over £135 (strung or unstrung, according to the gov. website) then you don't pay VAT at source, you pay in the UK (though it's the same amount anyway isn't it?) and you also pay 4% import duty.

As I say, someone correct me if I'm wrong.