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    I'm researching a story on the value of custom orthotics versus store-bought brands, and was wondering if anyone has any experiences (good or bad with either) that they would like to share, as some anecdotes would be of tremendous help. If you want to just post a brief message here with your e-mail, then we can discuss it separately from the forums. Thanks! Sarah
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    Mar 1, 2004
    search the health and fitness forum. There have been extensive discussions there. My personal preference is the over the counter orthotic available on line at www.heelspurs.com (about $25.00 US)
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    Feb 19, 2004
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    I would avoid store bought orthotics like the plague and they can cause more damage than help. if you wish to do a search in the forum you will find lots of info about orthotics..i posted quite a bit on this as i needed orthotics to help me with some chronic achilles tendonitis. i went with custom rigid full orthotics with built in rigid heel lifts and it did the trick..custom is the only way to go. i got these online and i think the url is customshoeinserts.com and you get to work with a doctor if you have special needs
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    Sarah - Is this for work? School? Personal curiosity? Are you writing a "spec" free lance article?

    My view is posted on "one" of the many threads regarding orthotics. (Mine are custom and flexible. I used to think rigid users were NUTS, but I've been persuaded the rigid orthotics also work well for some people.)

    - KK
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    Feb 15, 2006
    I purchased an orthotic online - Lynco was the brand I believe. I have no calf pain and my achilles pain is greatly reduced. No pain while playing tennis, but sometimes I will get sore if I am barefoot most of the day.

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