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    Mar 24, 2008
    The most unbelievable thing happened a while ago. It was during one of the biggest tournaments of the high school season, a 16-team tournament.

    My doubles partner is known for his strong overhead. He swings very fast and that's what makes it so strong.

    So in our final match, I served the ball and the opponent came up with a short sitter that would be an easy overhead - straight to my partner. I was thinking, "Point's over," but I was wrong.

    My partner swung, and completely missed the ball. But that's not the story. What happened after was that when he followed through, he ended up whacking - with his racquet - his groin!!!! He simply stood there for the rest of the point, clutching his area like he had been kicked there. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the missed ball before it bounced twice. My opponents, who were both at the baseline, didn't think to charge the net. They stayed where they are and i had a nice 1 vs 2 rally that somehow I won. With that, My partner simply stood there and after the point, he said he was fine. We ended up winning that match :)

    That was quite possibly one of the most painful things I have seen happen to a person in real life though :shock:
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    nice haha, tht sucks for your partner. good job winning a doubles match down a partner haha

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