OUTDOOR Basketball Shoes for Tennis


Okay, basketball shoes for the tennis court have been mentioned many times and I've always seen "you can but compare the durability". More recently, I have thought about low top outdoor basketball shoes which are made different from indoor shoes. The outdoor shoes are more tennis-like as they have deeper grooves and (supposedly) tougher upper. Has anyone ever tried using outdoor basketball shoes for tennis and compared it to even the low-durability speed shoes we have nowadays (like Zoom Zero or Ubersonics).


Really depends on how you play and how you normally wear down shoes. I still feel that basketball shoes will not last as long on the tennis court compared to tennis shoes. Basketball players don't have as much toe drag in their movements, and if you are able to slide then it's an even bigger problem. Basketball courts also don't generally have the grit in the court material that tennis courts have, this will eat up basketball shoes.

Also, barely any of the big brands make specific outdoor basketball shoes anymore, especially in the US. If you are in Asia, there will be more variations with extra durable soles because they play outdoors a lot more.

From my experience, basketball shoes will be more comfortable, but they still won't last as long as a tennis shoe. Nike Zoom Zeros last me around 4 months while my Adidas Crazy Explosives lasted 2 and I never tried again.


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When I first got back into tennis three years ago, I would wear basketball shoes on the tennis courts because of the ankle support. I'm not a slider or a toe dragger and I wore through two pairs of basketball shoes in one summer. I decided to give actual tennis shoes a try and it was the best choice. Tennis shoes are designed for tennis courts. With so many options and sales with tennis shoes, there's bound to be a tennis shoe that you will work for you. For me personally I like the Nike Vapor Knit X's.


Yeah, that makes sense. On Nike right now, the only "outdoor" shoes are the PGs and those are too expensive even for a basketball player's liking. I was just wondering because I had a pair of low-top basketball shoes from a long time ago and I wanted to see if those would work on court for practice. Right now, I use the Vapor Cage 4 anyways so those last me a good month and a half so its alright.


I find basketball shoes have less cushion, no toe protection and would wear faster as I have not heard of "outdoor" basketball shoes specifically just shoes worn outside.