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    thought about starting a thread on this that doesnt get into pages of pages of info....post the city, state the outlet is in and what they have...but when you come to update/add things, just edit your first thread...dont post new ones. i still dont know how to address the problem of a person asking a question...i guess you can also update your own thread again but just address the question and answer to whoever asked it....?

    celebration, FL - nike
    had this indoor tennis shoe that i didnt pay much attention to.
    vapor 3 - white/gold - size 8.5, 11 or 11.5 i think, and 12, 64.99.

    orlando premium outlets - nike and adidas
    barricade2 blue/silver all sizes it looked like...82$
    cc feather2 white in 8, 8.5, 11 and 12...55$
    a3 accelerate...5 pairs weird sizes...40$

    vapor3 ...bunch of size 9, 9.5, 11, 12...65$
    breathe3 all white size 6, 12.5...60$
    breathe3, vapor4 and resolve spring samples size 9 (i got'em and now i'm just bragging ;-))

    its actually on 192 outside of Celebration but its call the celebration store...
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    tennis courts
    there is a store in celebration? if my memory serves me, isnt that a tiny tiny town?
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    location, location, location
    Isn't it that Disney town newr Kissimme?

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