Outline your Diet and Lifestyle.


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Just wondering, specifically to those training and even if you are not training, what you are eating and what plan you have.

I eat a sort of Mediterranean diet being brought up on it but with a few takes on Djokovic's book. Although I know that his nutritionist is a bit of a fraud, some cool stuff in his book.

Breakfast - I usually do some cardio when I get up, only take on water beforehand. Then I follow it up with porridge/muesli. This is usually where I get most of my carbs. Then come the fruit and I try to eat some dried fruit as well. Occasionally will eat polenta with cottage cheese (common balkan breakfast) and will sometimes fry the polenta if I'm feeling in the need for some fat or will have cured meat at this point.

Lunch - usually eggs or occasionally if I have more working out or tennis then some carbs again with pasta/ (ill try brown, but come onnnnn who picks dimitrov over Fed).

Dinner time - GAINS. Protein intake here, usually Fish or chicken or lean meat. I try not to take in carbs here, but I love food too much so cheat often and will add beans or chickpeas. Spinach, chard, courgettes, aubergines, peppers are the staples, this is usually used to fill me up. All ends up swimming in my stomach with zero fat yogurt or full fat greek (no compromise). My grandad would say you could eat anything with greek yogurt.

Snack on roasted almonds or peanuts.

Espresso or occasionally turkish with some milk several times a day, get a few calories from dairy, be it milk or yogurt.

This is a rough guide, and I will break it very often. I am sticking to it for a while though.
For match/tournaments. I will use a little fruit concentrate, grated ginger (anti-inflammatory?) , honey, sugar, sea salt, water and make an energy drink. Grated ginger is there for taste usually. Main reason for this is that it is cheaper and I can control what goes in. The honey and fruit contains fructose which is slow release and the sugar is fast release. Advise you do this and stop paying the fat cats money for their bentleys.

Criticise this if you want, just would like to see if anyone has been reading research, as nutrition is quite an advancing science (with loads of fluff and marketing).


I follow an approximately slo-carb diet as written about in the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris in respect of the foods I eat, except that I combine it with carb backloading and intermittent fasting.

So it roughly goes:
Waking - glass of lemon water and multi-vit followed by a green tea
BCAA's with workout 1 (5 days per week depending on phase of training) - Kettlebell HIIT
Breakfast - (1030-11am ish) - Either a shake or eggs, bacon & avocado (depending on where I am working)
Lunch - Salad or soup (low to no carb)
Workout 2 (between 4-6pm) - 5 days per week
Dinner (7-8pm ish) - Meat, veggies/salad, some carbs.

Green tea or water through the day, max one small coffee occasionally. Weekends are foodapalooza and I basically eat anything I fancy.


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Breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast (or pancakes, cornbread, biscuit, etc.)
Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce, mushroom, onion, ground turkey, etc.
Dinner: Rice, meat (usually chicken, roast pork lately), veggies

Snacks: Rare, but chips or peanuts
Pre-breakfast or midnight snack: banana & bowl of cereal with real fruits (berries)

Lifestyle: very active. Swimming, biking, sprinting, lifting, tennis, yoga, 3 hr practices, etc.
If i end up doing 3 of the above on the same day, I'll eat a second dinner (or a 5th meal, 3rd dinner/linner/last supper?).


All I can eat at Peet's am
All I can eat at any local place I like.
All I can eat at home of delicious dinners, rice, pasta, potatoes, meat, drink, greens, pepper, salt, vinegar, garlic, onions.


No sugar, alcohol, or highly processed grains...but occasionally I sin. Boy! am I glad this thread didn't ask about sexual habits.


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And I thought you had your own smoker in the back yard and a field full of Spanish black pigs and the finest American breeds. Very disappointed in you!

Breakfast: Bacon
Lunch: Bacon
Dinner: Bacon
Snack: Bacon

Exercise: Driving to the store to buy bacon


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That's actually pretty decent.

Keep up your diet.
LOL what do you mean decent? You calling me a fat boy? :D I don't look overweight, most of it is muscle mass, but I have always had heavy legs and a big butt. But i have grown myself a little belly, she is beautiful


A bit so called overweight is the new norm. :) Look at the BMI chart, it's nearly impossible to get into the normal range. That's the size of supermodels.


This is my secret

Seriously, though, I lift weights 5 days a week and try to run 4 nights if I can but that doesn't always work out. I play tennis Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights with about 80% of that being doubles.
I eat whatever I want but I do try to stick to healthy choices. I have a high metabolism so I have to eat a lot of protein to maintain what I add in the gym. I dislike eating out and try to make a lot of meals so that I can use the leftovers for lunch so I can pay for tennis and gym fees. :)

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I have 2 diets.
The one I follow in my mind's eye, in an ideal world - usually paleo, organic, and always freshly made.
And the real diet, when the hunger demons strike (usually after 10p or anytime after drinking alcohol)...


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A bit so called overweight is the new norm. :) Look at the BMI chart, it's nearly impossible to get into the normal range. That's the size of supermodels.
your right. no one is normal weight anymore. it sounds rediculous but it's true. there are stats. if you happen to be the .1% in normal weight, we get called skinny. really strange; it's like living in a world where everyone is crazy snd you're the only sane one.


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I try to start every day with a multi-vitamin, banana, and a pink lady apple with peanut butter. A lot of times I'll work out on just that alone, but occasionally I'll have like a bowl of wheaties/total with a small amount of honey/agave drizzled over it and some almond coconut milk. I also did buy some Muesli that I tried out, which was really good too, but I find it's a little different to prepare than straight oatmeal. If it's a heavy day workout day, I'll likely have my go to finishing meal of the day which is chicken fajitas with freshly made guacamole, and some Mexican rice from Taco Cabana.


I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.


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I start the day by juicing 1 grapefruit,orange and a lime.

I add the juice approx 100ml to 900ml of Pureau water. I then put it in the freezer for half an hour to cool.

Keeps me hydrated during the day.

I mostly eat fruit,veg,nuts and green organic tea with unprocessed honey.

I make home made soup once per week and refrigerate.

I add Dahl to the soup using lots and lots of healthy fresh spices.

My weakness is muesli bars and chocolate bars.

Don't eat or drink any other bad stuff though.

50 and around 150ilbs. Very small gut. Super fit for my age though.

Play sports daily,no gym ever!