Outside of mid foot: pain


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Been playing a lot of matches this spring and my feet are feeling it. My left foot, on the outside straight line below the knob of the ankle is killing me. It seems like the pain is coming from where the 5th metatarsal ends...just behind around and above it where there is that knobby bone. I've been able to get through matches with IBU but last night it wasn't enough. Starting really hurting on hard stops.

I massaged the crap out of it last night afterwards, and it is actually feeling a lot better today. Obviously would need a trip to the podiatrist to diagnose, but sound familiar to anyone here?


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Good video. I haven't sprained an ankle in over a decade but I think I still have residual damage from many sprains playing basketball. The main reason I switched to tennis.
Too chicken to watch the video!

What kind of “manipulation” does he perform on this guy’s ankle? Interested, because after reconstructive ankle surgery I have challenges in that area of my ankle. But generally speaking, squeamish when it comes to medical procedures and treatments.