Outside of the quarterfinalists...


who impressed you most at the AO this year (2022)?

- Kecmanovic had an amazing run to the 4th round, taking advantage of his draw.

- De Minaur went down quickly to Sinner, but look sharp to get there.

Plenty of others on the men's and women's side.

Aussie Darcy

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The American women.

Anisimova backing up her Melbourne title, knocking out Osaka to make the 4R. Won 8 consecutive matches before losing to Ash.
Pegula making the QF for the second straight year.
Keys backing up her Adelaide title to make the SF. Won 10 consecutive matches before losing to Ash.
Collins having a huge fortnight to make the final.


Alcaraz. Berretini i feel is the closest of the Next Gen to win a Major, only Nadal and Djokovic are beating him amd Alcaraz took him all the way.
Alcaraz may be Nadals biggest threat in Paris. Not seeing any weaknesses really other than wromg choice of shot at times. Genuinely think he might be a double digit Major winner in the making.

BOLD, but I think you just might be right....although I don't know what happens if Ber plays Stefanos at RG. We need this semi to happen.

(If you don't want to make a 'Berrettini to win a Slam' thread, I will. Let the fireworks begin!)

Double-digit majors for Alcaraz...does he win his first as a teen?
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