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Hey PB friends. Taking up PB again (initially started playing about 4-5 yrs ago with wife). I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are paddles that have a more crisp and direct feel on contact? I guess the feel I'm wondering about is very much like an old school wood/sandpaper/pebble rubber ping pong paddle but not obviously a wood PB paddle. I've tried several paddles in my PB club (Franklin Ben Johns, Engage Pursuit, Selkirk, Diadem Warrior) and have an older Champion graphite faced paddle and a Gamma Mirage and Electrum Model E which I got from TP in great shape used. While I can play with them they all to a certain extent feel very muted/cushioned and have a lack of feel and control. The exception is the Champion which has a much thinner core and graphite face (wondering if that's part of the others feeling less precise due to different faces and thicker cores). While the spin possibilities of the the new faces and cores seems to the in thing right now wondering if a thinner core (or also a different core like Nomex or aluminum) might get me the feel and control I'm searching for (and yes practice and playing will help as well and Demoing if possible!) Thx all.


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Have you tried Gearbox CX11 Power paddles? They come in two shapes and two weights. Worth demoing a Control one as well.


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I’ve tried a bunch, including Gearbox, and my current paddle is the Seikirk Vanguard 2.0 Mach 6 at exactly 8 oz.


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Thx very much. I’m thinking much like tennis it’s demo demo demo if possible (unfortunately TP doesn’t have a complete demo program though like they do with tennis). More so since not easy way to buy and sell used at present time except the bay.


It’s probably harder to find that in the current models as many tout their “touch” and “softness.” The older Onix models like the Evoke and especially the Z5 hit really firm.


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Yup touch, spin, softness are the buzzwords right now for sure. I think maybe core thickness (thinner), hitting surface (fiberglass), and core composition (firmer) might factor into what I’m looking for to a great extent.


-not sure if this helps, but"
-i initially bought an upstreet paddle (purple-ish palm tree scene), liked it alot $30
-later on, i read it was not approved, for some reason or other :eek: (n)
-year went by and it decided to pick up a USAPA approved paddle
-i got the bison (the bison) paddle $50, and it reads "USAPA approved paddle" (y)
-what i did not know was the weight difference, the upstreet is notably heavier :oops:
-the bison paddle is fast but lacked power :unsure:
-i ended up wrapping about 2' of 1/2" lead tape to the outside, now it feels a bit more stable :)(y)

-so maybe you want a lighter paddle!, 7oz range
-a lighter paddle/racquet always has more "direct feel"


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Great insight. Yup I initially bought a champion paddle 4-5 yrs ago. Thin nomex core (loud) graphite face, 7.4 oz. and still have it. Not approved either. I do like it’s feel much more though. I guess trying to find the more modern alternative. Champion still makes paddles so maybe I should check them out. Wish I could demo them first but at least price is right. And yup I think lighter might be better. Can always add lead if needed.


IIRC, the older wood paddles I had used were a bit hefty. Regardless of weight, the goal would probably be to get the feel first of what you are looking for. Maybe a thin core paddle?


You should try the "pb pro" paddles pbpropickleball , thin core and crisp direct feel. Not mushy. I particularly like the tour signature xl, my current paddle.