Painjobs, You Say?


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Everyone seems so convinced that so many players are not actually using the racket they appear to and are advertised as using (even to the degree of arguing over it). First of all, I don't understand the hype...who cares what racket pros use. But anyone, what are the legalities of a company saying that a certain pro using a certain racket if they don't? That doesn't seem like it would really be legal: false advertising. McDonald's cannot put a chicken sandwich in a Big Mac wrapper and expect people to just accept it.


I agree about the false advertising thing.

I'm also very curious about how racquet companies can just use phrases like "nCode wins Wimbledon" without suffering some kind of consequence if it isn't really a nCode.

Could someone with more legal background please clarify?

Don S

Well I'm no lawyer and my law background is about as limited as everyone else but it's difficult to really say what's under the paint of these pro's racquets. For all we know Federer may have a modified, made just for him version of what's on the shelves, same thing happens in other sports, you can buy the same driver that Phil Mickleson uses but it's not the exact same thing. There's nothing "Stock" about a Stock car but it still says Monte Carlo on the front of Junior's bumper. Wilson makes their racquets and they can call any racquet they make whatever they want to call it. What I can't figure out is why the concern? why does some recreational player have to have the racquet Andy Roddick uses? If Federer gave some 4.5 player one of his racquets,how much success would that player have with that particular racquet? more importantly, how many of those racquets would Wilson sell? would you buy a racquet you didn't feel right playing with because Federer usues it? I think trying to sell racquets that pros use is a dumb strategy because the weekend hacker can't use most of them. Maybe we need a poll : How many of you have bought a Racquet just because your favorite player uses it? and see if it's enough people for Wilson and Prince and the others to make a profit from those frames.


The only way to tell is to take out 2 demos (at the same time). One mide and the other midplus (or OS). Take a bucket of balls and bounce hit 10 FH with one and then with the other. Do the same for BH and serves.
This should give you a feel as to which works better for YOU.
Another option is to rent a ball machine and do the same as above with both rackets.
What the pros do or don't use and no significance to the everyday player.

Regards, Ken


I think its just a way to make money... When a company makes a new line of racquets they want there players to endorse those racquets. When kids see andy roddick hit those 150mph serves... it makes kids want to get babolats. I know for a little while I wanted a babolat myself.

I can also say that I want an ncode 90 because not only do I like the racquet but because roger "uses" it too... But if he didnt use it I maybe have had no interest in it...

So... I think its just to build more hype.


My father is a lawyer and he said that it wud be nearly impossible to win a case if sumone did take the company to court. He says the companies defense wud be based on the racket being custom made for the player, but is very similar to racket sold to the public. Like lead tape added to racket, except in this case it wud be the company adding it for them, jus without the lead tape.


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I was watching tennis the other day and I believe they specifically
said a lot of pro players use paintjobs so that the companies can advertise their new equipment. I don't personally care who is using what racket, I just think false advertising is stupid.


companys have a right to promote their new products. pros dont wish to change their gear often at all, but they are paid lots of money to play w. a certain what else do you propose they do? they could all be required to just paint all racquets black, but posters would still be blowing up pics of the frames and looking at them under a magnifying glass to see if the liquidmetalbands are real. i really dont see anything wrong with it unless they are paid to use a certain brand and are actually using another brand.... it just really isnt a big deal..nobody really cares except for some posters even if you did have definitive proof what is under the hood what have you really accomplished? bragging rights? like you are gonna set your axes up exactly the same as agassi and that will somehow make you play just like agassi? ed