Paint finish matters ?

Which paint finish do you prefer?

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Partly because im curious.. and partly because ive never started a post with a poll.... Does the finish on a racquet affect your decision on purchase ?


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Suppose i prefer gloss but that would never affect my decision on whether to buy a racquet or not, i dont even mind if it looks crap. lol


Agree with uremate. I prefer matte or glossy (didn't vote because I can't vote for both), but not to the extent that it influences my decision. Only if all else being equal.

BTW, even within each category there are variatoins. For example, between two glossy racquets LM Prestige and POG, LM Prestige has a fairly substantial layer of clear coating over the red pj, while POG's pj doesn't have that (or it's minimal). Likewise, I thought the rubbery pj of PK Laver S is soft and agreeable, but Volkl Tour 10 Gen 1 seems to be more tacky.


I'd rather prefer matt finish because (especially when the courts you usually go are full of dust and dirt) when clear coat comes off, those areas are relatively visible.