Paint job or not...


Fedex doesn't stop to amaze me. How can someone with a right frame of mind, chooses to 'try out' a totally new racket, at one of tennis grandest of events? Granted he's 'only' playing a lucky loser at the qualifying round, but still... What can I say?


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I think he is really using the N-Code . This is no smoke & mirrors "inovation" . I think you or me can actually buy the frame a pro uses . Looks like he adds a little lead but as Camillo & Gaines have said for a long time just abt. every frame can use some . Its like buying the old Dunlop McEnroe MaxPly that Dunlop made for him in 1981.


Whatever he's using he didn't just pick it up, have a swing the day he rolled into Paris and said "yup that's ok". If it's really an n-code then he's been demoing it under a t90 paint job for months and the staged photograph of him with n-code and t90 frames is exactly that, to fanfare his final switch to the new frame - whether that new frame is more approximated to an n-code or a t90.
How close either his t90 or n-code or n-coded paint-job t90 is to what we buy in the shops, I have no idea. Given his grip length and natural preference from the baseline, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he played with a more neutral balanced frame. My own view is that he switched to a t90 based model about 18 months ago and has made the switch to n-code as well - but all at his custom specification which largely makes it irrelevant to you and I.