Parallel vs Startup Clamps

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    Reading and Studying up on the JET method, I noticed the use of parallel clamps. Are startup clamps not popular anymore? If so, why? Seems like parallel clamps are not as specialized as startups and it's pretty cheap to buy one. Just curious.
    TIA for replys
  2. KerryR

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    Nov 11, 2011
    Starting clamps are still just as popular as ever.

    When using the JET method in it's purest form, starting clamps are not necessary because of the way the strings are started, and the method of tying the starting knot. It's fine to use other starting methods, but not necessary.

    The parallel clamps, by which I think you are referring to the Stringway triple string clamp, is also specifically implemented in the JET method- on the last main before tie-off, where the use of the triple completely removes drawback before the knot. A similar protocol is often implemented on the last cross, depending on the location of tie off.

    One of the major points of JET is reducing tension loss by reducing clamp drawback at tie off, and shortening the distance from the last string to tie off in order to reduce the length of the untensioned string between the last clamp and the knot.

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