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I ordered from tennis only in Australia a TW partner.

I ordered a few items with the boxing day sales.

A partial order was shipped without my approval (they didn't ask) and one of the items became out of stock and was not shipped.

If I want it shipped, I'm told I have to pay another $5 for shipping.

Is this normal?
TW USA doesn't do that i.e. back order or out of stock item ship out for free (whenever it is available). Again, policies are different country to country you have to ask tennis only.


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I see, would be nice if this was intentional policy for the TW network.

For tennis only, you need to pay another lot of shipping.

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Hi ctn,

I'm sorry to hear you're not fully satisfied with your experience. Please contact Tennis Only with your concerns and I hope the customer service team can help sort it out. You can either email them at or give them a call a 1.300.205.447.

Thank you,
Tiffani, TW


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Hi Tiffani,

I have contacted Tennis Only already, that's where I got told I have to pay another lot of shipping (I've paid for shipping already). It was for a boxing day sale Nike wrist/sweat band. Not sure if the discount still applies. ( It expires on the 31/12/2017)
I was going to buy a RF97A with the boxing day days pending a good experience, but looks like I won't be.

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