Paul McNamee: Wimbledon aimed to stop Novak at all costs

What agenda is he talking about by the way ? Anyway I feel like downplaying Djokovic's chances can only help Djokovic, and I don't know how anything like that can "stop" Djokovic on the court. Social Media posts aren't going to come down on the court and push Djokovic's balls outside of the lines.

...Because no player ever gets a tough draw without the tournament conspiring against him ?
LOL, well, I haven't seen Djoker with a hard draw for many, many tournaments, so if he gets a ridiculously tough draw, maybe...


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Faster courts benefits Nole. He will hit more aces and have less long rallies to conserve more energy.

AO 2021:
"This year at the Australian Open, courtesy of the extra zip and pace on the courts, Djokovic's service numbers have skyrocketed. Through his six matches en route to the final, he has sent down 100 aces, considerably more than anyone else in the tournament.
Only two others managed to reach 80, Alexander Zverev (86) and Milos Raonic (82). Unless Medvedev sets a new record for aces in a Grand Slam final, Djokovic will finish the tournament on top of the aces leaderboard, the first time he has ever managed the feat at a major. The extra aces and cheap points he's winning are coming courtesy of the court's lack of grip, which is shaving less speed off the ball and allowing it to skid faster."

Djokovic is not troubled by fast courts, that's why he won 7 Wimbledon titles, 6 Indoor Paris Masters and 6 YEC. Other player like Nadal is more troubled by fast courts and that's why he hasn't won YEC nor Paris Masters and has more big titles on Clay courts.
Looks like I was wrong and he does prefer medium fast courts......

"The Myths Busted​

Myth No. 1: Roger Federer performs poorly at slow surfaces. As can be seen, it is not the case, he performs only slightly worse at slower surfaces. Roger's span on surface speed is from 83.7% on very fast to 76.7% on very slow surfaces.

Myth No. 2: Novak Djokovic performs poorly at fast surfaces. As it can be seen, he performs best at medium surfaces (86.1%), very slightly worse on fast surfaces and another level worse at slow surfaces, so it is actually the opposite of what most people think: Novak performs better on faster surfaces than on slower surfaces.

For Rafael Nadal, the performance curve by court speed is as expected by most people. Nadal is excellent 95.8% on very slow surfaces and his performance literally linearly drops as the surface speed increases to 74.4% on very fast surfaces.

For Andy Murray, the performance curve is also as expected by most people: Andy is performing well on fast and medium surfaces but has trouble on slow surfaces."

Hypo Crisis

I thought after securing the GOAT status, that Djoko fans could spend energy on enjoying that, but no no... they still feel the need to victimize themselves constantly.
So... we are victimizing ourselves if many former and current tennis players have noticed what Wimbledon is doing this year :laughing:
Beware of hidden Nole fans in professional tennis.