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    Does not anybody in here know Paultran ? did he's a tennis player or he's a tennis racket broker mean like buy and resales. The reason I'm asking because I purchased a N-code tour 90 7/10 for $85 I'm fine with the racker the only thing that concern me is, entire process he did not mention he just bough this racket and have not play with it, when I received the racket I noticed the string is worn so bad and so loose and I never see this string before, so email him asking for the brand of the string, then he said " believed is not I just bought this racket and don't know the brand of the string. I kind a disappointed for moment then I reliaze is as long as the racket fine I should not to worry, then I start looking back all email and noticed on the email he sent on Feb, 06 he said the reason he sale the N-code and the PS so he could purchase the K factor Tour below is he mail.

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    How long have you been playing tennis? Yeah, the weather here really sucks because it's so cold right now. I bought a few wilson k factor and so anxious to try it out but the weather is just too cold. I don;t like indoors. That's the reason why i sold some of my n-code tour 90 and PS 6.0 85....iso i could purchase the k factor tour 90.

    PAUL T.

    then today I just try to see I can find another N-code to buy, here what I found.

    F.s Rackets


    1) WILSON K FACTOR TOUR 90 4 3/8 - 9.5/10
    2) HEAD RADICAL INTELLIGENCE OS 4 1/4 - 9.5/10

    that thread post by Paultran on Feb, 04 12:55Pm, read through his email on Feb, 06, is seem does not making sense to me at all, how can he post K factor for sale on Feb, 04 , when he sales other racket tried to get money for the F factor on Fed, 06. I'm confused.
  2. Was going to post a postive feedback about Paul Tran and then saw this thread, so I decided to post here instead. I bought a Wilson K90 from him and he even had it strung for me without me asking. I was happy with the deal. He said he bought too many and that was the reason for the sale. Paul even bought a K90 here for about the same price as the frame he sold to me, so I never thought that he was a broker, rather, as he wrote, a tennis player and fan of Roger Federer.
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    Not True About Paultran

    I've Dealt With Paultran Several Times And I Can Assure That You He's One Of The Best Seller/buyer I Know.
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    Paultran seems like a good guy to me. Good feedback and great communication. Maybe a mis-communication?

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