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    Feb 11, 2009
    Just took the pb10 original grip off and weighed it.....13g!!! Is that right? That's like at least 2 Wilson pro over grips to not alter the racket specs.....would anyone notice say 8g difference in the handle?? There was a big fuss over Nadal adding 3g to the head.
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    3g at 12 o'clock in the hoop makes a big difference.

    3g in the handle, not as much.

    But eventually we all get used to it.

    Replacement grips weigh far more than overgrips. Overgrips are designed to be placed on top of the replacement grip, hence the light weight in order to minimize weight increase.

    I have some replacement grips that weigh over 30 grams. Now those are heavy grips.
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