PC600 or Classic tour MP?

well yea
im gonna get a new racquet
im currently plaing with a Dunlop 600g leaded up to almost 11 oz
its ehhhhhh

but now ive moved on to head racquets
and cant decide to get the classic tour or wait and get a pc600

now ive heard that in reality the pc600 has a 89 sq. in head b/c HEAD measure it with the loop

i tihnk im a 3.5/4
but my coach tells me that i am a good 4.5
im 16 and decently athletic
use some spin,
cant kick serve.... T_T
strong point is my volleys
usually hit balls on the rise

i want to try the pc600 b/c ive heard so much about it and b/c i wanna try leather grips for the 1st time and those grips look so nice... lol

but i think it may be to demanding for me and i dont like that CAP thing too much it doesnt look that nice, from the side , but not from the front

the classic tour look a lot more appealing to a wider audience,
the only thing i have against it is the lack of the Head calfskin leather grip

any suggestions, can anyone commment on spin potential?
lol and i cant buy both

SORRY for long post,
but i need opinions


you shouldnt really buy a racket just because it comes w/ a leather grip or just because the grommets are ugly. those are all minor things when it comes to frames. you can always buy an extra leather grip for like $15. but anyways, personally, i would go for the prestige classic 600.


Go half the way and by a Head 630, a prestige perhaps, prestige liquidmetal might get cheaper now when Flexpoint prestige is out! Demo first of course ;)
thanks guys
but the biggest problem i think is that the pc600 maybe too damanding for me
im not sure
so any other suggestions?
jackson vile,
how would u compare the LMP and the classic tour MP?


i think ill wait for the pc600
even if its too demanding for me,
itll serve as motivation to improve
I own both, the PC 600 is demanding and you had better be paying full attention and be intent on making it work, I'm sure for more advanced players 4.5+ this will not be such an issue.

However you must be aware that the swing weight is 333+ so that is a lot to swing around.

For me I like the LMP+ as it is so easy to play with, large sweet spot the SW is not too high not too low, great spin, everything.

I have demoed so many rackets and ever time I am thinking where the heck is my LMP?:mrgreen:

Another great stick I like a lot is the Maxply

But seriously the LMP+ does everything the PC600 does but is easier to use, when you get more advanced and people are hitting hard and heavy balls constantly at you and you feel as if you are getting pushed around then I might start thinking of switching over.

Stick withthe LMP+ and quit worrying about rackets and start worrying about your tennis is what I recomend, cause there is nothing and I mean nothing the LMP+ lacks, put 17g gut in it if you are bothered by the upper hoop feeling dead.
The problem witht he TourMP is that the SW is still 333 so why not just go with the PC600 then?

Hot spots are spots on the racket that give a different response, the LMP has hot spots out side of the sweet spot.

Still my choice

Sorry check that the SW is 336, can you handle swinging that all day? Also IMHO you are going to be getting way too much power from that racket.
thanks you have been a reaL help

sorry to be bothering you this much
how much do you get your LMP+ for?
b/c the only shops by me are para-gon and ****
and TW still has them listed for $200

and i dont really like buying used racquets

thanks again.
What! you don't like buying used!, have many rackets and I only pay around $50 for each one and 2 of them were brand new with the rest being 1 month old with one stringing, and to oldies that never got played with as they were too demanding for the previous owners.

I got my LMP+ for $90 strung once and I left it strung that way, now if you want brand new then TW will sell them to you at a reduced price if you call them up and ask for a price reduction.

I suggest you try out 4 rackets, you top picks, TW will let you demo 4 of them at one time and it is $15 including shipping to you and back. No one can beat that. Also you can always look on the classifieds section.

And once you pick your racket don't be giving up on it, take my word you are better off spending more time on your game then demoing/changing rackets:mrgreen: