PC600 Stringing

Hello - I'm wondering what the 'recommended' method of stringing is for the Prestige Classic 600 - 1 piece or 2 piece? The Klipper Mate and String Forum websites both say that it is 1 piece, but from what I've read, Head always recommends 2-piece. Two questions:
1. Should I do 1 piece or 2 piece? I don't hybrid or really care about lower tension on the crosses.
2. If 1 piece is the way to go - should I do ATW so I string crosses top to bottom?



Talk Tennis Guru
Head did a 180 over 20 years ago. Head used to say their rackets should be strung bottom up then switched to top down 2 piece. If it was my racket I would string it 2 piece top down.
If you string it one-piece, most definitely go ATW on it. As to which is better, one-piece ATW or two-piece, whichever you are most comfortable with is the best.