PCB aka The Spanish Capitana will beat Djoker


Some may know him as the guy that DIDNT get DQ... Others know him as RBA... but this is a man that has no equal, and has been preparing for this since the USO just a few weeks ago. History was taken from him. Grasped right out of his hands. But not this time. This time, the man will not let a lineswoman get in his way, he will do the job himself, and put his alphabet in the history books.

His Spanish Armada has set sail, and is aiming at the Shore of Djoker land. The Spanish fleet is unstoppable at this point. He is the Capitana.

Pablo the Crusader of Belief,
The Printed Circuit Board (@Meles ),
The Barca Conquistador,
Pablo The Picasso,
The Spanish Titanic (Sinks the unsinkable),
The Spanish Alphabet,
The DQ Benefactor,
The Spain Membrane,
The True Prince of Clay,

The one and only...

The Spanish Capitana.

The Spanish Capitana will beat Djoker in the QF's and receive the proper glory that he deserved at the USO.

Sorry Boob Catchers. I really am, I am just a huuuuugggeee PCB fan.



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I don’t think he will be able to beat Djokovic on clay but it will be closer than many of you might think...

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The "Moscow Ghost" thread had a steadying effect, and emboldened Karen Kachanov to play the best tennis Novak has faced so far in Paris.

This new thread will further consolidate the cause. Pablo Carreno Busta will triumph in 5 sets against Novak Djokovic.

Instead of a Boob Throw™ I expect PCB to complete a ceremonial bag throw and hurl all his equipment including all clothing and underwear into the crowd when he wins the match.



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PCB seemed bothered by an abs injury so I am not sure what will happen. If the injury is not an issue then I expect a very long match between both. I think PCB will still lose but he will show that Djokovic is very beatable.


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A bunch of weird threads also proclaiming Sinner will "destroy Nadal." PCB will win a total of 8 or 9 games against Djoker, the same number of games Sinner will win against Rafa.


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It'll be as embarrassing as the default for Djoker if he doesn't win. The tournament had to be held in a different time of year and nearly every threatening opponent placed in the other half of the draw for it to happen. Still think Rafa will find a way but it took a lot of stars to align for it to look this good for Covidovic.


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I think he more than has enough game to beat the BIG 3.... but I don't think he believes it. He concedes so much more against them than he does other players that are playing pretty good ball.
He gets frustrated and gets down. And who could blame him. To beat the Big 3 (Maybe big 4 with Thiem) you have to know you're probably going to have to do it in 5 and take a couple hours. It's just stressful. I've seen him look so stressed out when he goes up against them Best of Five.