PD & DP comparison ( Pure Drive and Donnay pro one comparison )

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    I've seen a renewed interst on these boards of the Babolat PD and I thought a comparison of the two sticks would be appropriate now.

    Both sticks have similar measurements and similiar power levels yet there are some very interesting differences .

    It's should be noted that this comparison is without the Donnay customization kit added.

    The Donnay with the customization kit plays like a different racquet in that the power is increased by quite a bit ......in fact it's a bit to powerful for me that way.

    The Babolat PD is an awesome stick and depending on your level and style of play ....picking the PD or DP will be a tough call.

    As I am a serve and volleyer and hit with a lot of slice I chose the DP.

    I would say if your an aggressive baseliner you will like the Babolat better . On the other hand if your a serve and volleyer or a true all court player you will probably like Donnay better .


    DP : 7/10
    PD:  5/10

    Both sticks  sacrifice a bit of control for some serious freaking power.

    The DP leads in this department . The 97 inch head size really helps with control . It's more maneuverable than the PD and equal in power. 

    The DP  is also thinner thus making it more maneuverable .

    With the full weights in the DP it is even more powerful than the PD but the control goes way down as well. With the full weights in I would say that the DP has less control than the PD .

    I still have to experiment with the customizeable weights of DP. I've only played all or nothing with the customizable weights. I wonder what would happen if I only put in a weight at 12:00 or only put in 5g in the butt?

    I think the weights will also help the DP outdoors in the wind  or on the clay. It packs a serious punch this way.

    However for now in the winter time Indoors a "naked " DP seems to have more  control and equal power to the PD


    DP: 10/10
    PD:  10/10

    Both sticks have about the same power and are perfect for my game.
    I do not need to add any weight to either racquet .

    Balls seem to explode off both sticks but not so much power that it's going over the fence.

    I know that more advanced players will scoff at such high powered sticks ....especially K90 users.....and I'm not saying they are wrong .  But I personally love the power level of both sticks  for my game.

    I read somewhere that James Blake has switched from the PD to the Donnay. I'm not surprised since  both sticks have similar power levels. The change to a Donnay must have been seamless.


    DP: 8/10
    PD: 5/10

    As all Donnays these things slice great. I will put a Donnay up against almost any racquet on the market in the slice department .

    The DP is thicker than most Donnays and does not slice as well as their 15mm sticks....but at 21.5 it's still freaking thin and slice great.

    The PD is just to thick for effective slices . It doesn't come close to the Donnay in this department. 


    DP: 8/10
    PD: 10/10

    Quite frankly Im not a great topspinner and admittedly I cant give a good review in this department. But I would say the Babolat is stronger in this department.

    The power of the two racquets are similar but the Babolat seems to be more powerful near the top of the head . I personally seem to just get more topspin with the Babolat . 

    I also feel a bit more comfortable with a larger head from the baseline.

    I have to give the edge to Babolat in this department .

    First Serves

    DP:  10/10
    PD: 10/10 

    Power, control all there for both sticks ....and Im a big server. 

    I love both these sticks for serves.

    Second serves

    DP: 10/10
    PD: 8/10

    This is the most ignored stroke in tennis reviews. Everyone always just classifys this category as "serves".....but first and second serves are quite different .

    I also feel most people ignore their second serves and it's probably the most important stroke in the game.

    Everyone has a pretty good first serve but how many have a great second serve? It's second serves that win matches.

    The Donnay wins hands down here. The control is just far better on second serves. The smaller head size and thinner frame allows you to go all out and  be aggressive even on your second serve.


    DP : 7/10
    PD: 5/10

    Neither stick were the best for volleys....but the DP was better as the smaller head and thinner beam made it more maneuverable.

    Drop shots

    DP 6/10
    PD 6/10

    Both sticks were lacking in this department. I had a hard time with all that power hitting and controling and effective drop shot.

    return of serve:

    DP : 9/10
    PD : 8/10

    The DP  is maneuverable as all hell and the returns are powerful and very deep. It may be the best return of serve racquet Ive ever played with.

    The PD is also awesome and it's size makes returns easy....but it's slightly less maneuverable than the DP.

    So I have to give the edge to the DP in this dept.

    Arm friendliness:

    DP: 8/10
    PD: 4/10

    The Donnnay is a clear winner here. It's a pretty flexible racquet and the Babolat is very stiff and one of the least arm friendly racquets on the market.

    I experienced really bad elbow pain with the Babolat using a full ALU string job. 

    The Donnay pro one is not nearly as good as the other Donnays in arm friendliness yet its still GREAT compared to most other racquets and way better than the Babolat .

    The flex rating on the Donnay is only 64  while the Babolat is at a wholping 72zzzand yet they are equal in power .

    No competition here and probably the only category where Donnay is far and away the better racquet.


    I have chosen the DP for my game. I think the DP is a bettwr serve and volley stick or all court stick....But if you have more of an Aggressive baseline modern game  or a topspin game then the Babolat is probably a better choice.

    If you are a more accomplished player who likes the K90 or the Kblade then I don't think either of these sticks are for you. Rather you should try the Donnay Pro one I'm the 18x20 version .....especially of you are a Kblade user . The 18x20 is virtually the same stick as a Kblade but packs a bigger punch. But I digress .

    If arm friendliness is important to you then it's a no brainer ....go with the Donnay.

    The Numbers compared

    DP97in² / 626cm²
    PD 100in² / 645cm²


    DP27.00in / 68.58cm PD27.00in / 68.58cm

    DP 11.50oz / 326g
    PD 11.10oz / 315g

    Balance Point

    DP4pts HL
    PD4pts HL

    Swing Weight
    Frame Stiffness

    DP 64
    PD 72

    Beam Width

    DP 21.5mm
    PD 26.0mm

    Tip / Shaft

    DP 21.5mm / 21.5mm
    PD 23.5mm / 22.5mm

    Power Level

    DP Low-Medium
    PD Low-Medium

    String Pattern
    DP 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
    Pd 16 mains /19 crosses 
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