Peak Connors vs Peak Big 3 (sorry Andy). Only Wilson T-2000. Who wins?

So ... who wins?

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Well, Nadal has much more spin than anyone else now with the same equipment, so he'd probably produce spin at rates Connors was not familiar with in his time. A lot of it is in the technique,
Good point ... so it's Connors in 5 as after 4 sets the Nadal would get tired of using a small racquet headsize and starts to shank.


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The Wilson T-2000 is probably the most unfriendly tennis racket of all time. Only Connors could play with it.
Probably the ATG racket with less sales because of that.
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Being of a certain age, when I first started to play tennis (a bit pre-high-school team) I thought that the T-2000 - already starting to get phased out in favor of the slightly improved T-3000 - (as I recall) was kind of cool. Of course, for a little while, I thought that artificial turf was cool in baseball, and not the abomination I now consider it to be. My brother used one for a little while before going to something else (maybe a Dunlop...hated those...maybe the Davis Classic...this was a long time ago).

The T-2000 was like a slingshot, and I'm not sure how Jimbo controlled it so well.
But given that my other racquets were family hand-me-downs that both sucked and we were advised to keep them in presses, the T-2000 sure was cooler than those.
I ended up breaking it hitting an overhead - and I'm not sure if it was successful or a "Djokosmash", and the T-3000 was supposed to cure that problem, but I never used it. I just went back to wood for a while, and probably didn't pick up a semi-decent graphite or composite till years later.
Money wasn't plentiful. and I think I ended up playing my junior and senior years with a Bancroft racquet, bought when a sporting goods store was having a warehouse sale.

As to your question, who knows. I feel that the greats will always find a way, and it's not like any of these guys are lacking in hand-eye coordination, timing, competitiveness, etc.


Well, my friend played against Connors in one of his early pro tourneys using the old, tiny wooden racket and lost something like 6-3, 6-4. If only my friend had a modern racquet at the time. Lol. I remember playing with an "imitation" T-2000 racquet when I was a kid. God, the worst racquet I ever owned. Wish I still had my Jack Kramer auto but traded it for a custom-made tennis sculpture made by a family friend.

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What size was Fedr’s pro staff when he started? I’m guessing the closest of the big three to a T-2000.
Fed used the same 85" Pro Staff that Sampras used. The T-2000 was a big hunk of metal. I did use the aluminum Prince Pro in the 80's. Wish I used the Pro Staff instead. So much better.

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