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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by thenjimmysaid, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Jan 27, 2007
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    A friend and I were browsing our local ********* store to pick up a new set of strings and some overgrip, when we came across something interesting. The store had two AeroPro's w/ cortex, and we had noticed that the middle grommet piece looked a looked like a crappy mold from factory) and they both had the serial number of KY310746.

    We then shrugged it off and went to our local Ma and Pa tennis store called Tennis ******, we were looking at used Pure Drive Roddick's and noticed that where the Babolat warranty sticker should be, it said Void if removed( something along those lines, I can't quite recall) and the throat was blank where the specs should be.

    Anybody come across these kinds of things? I insisted to my friend that there's no way in ********* can they have fake racquets, solely because they themselves are a retail store, and they can't carry fakes.
  2. Rorsach

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    It depends where the store gets their racquets from. If they order from the official importer, they should be genuine.
    Stores can, of course, also resort to other means of obtaining the racquets and that includes ordering them themselves from dubious websites.
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    or someone is scamming your local sporting goods store.
    Step 1: Buy fakes at big auction site.
    Step 2: Buy real racquets at retail store.
    Step 3: Keep real racquets and return fakes to the retail store for credit.
    Step 4: Unsuspecting customer pays full price and gets fake racquet from authorized dealer.

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