Peng Shuai's new racket


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I've just noticed from watching the following highlights that Peng Shuai is using a new racket or at least has a new paint job:

The best view you can get of the racket appears to be at 0:34 when Peng is serving.
Peng Shuai is now China's #1 ranked player, male or female, in both singles and doubles which leads me to believe she may have potentially become more attractive to prospective sponsors.

Any ideas?


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Yeah it's one of the new Prince Textremes (at least the PJ is).

It's the 100 sq. inch version, not sure what the full name was anymore…


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She had a white Prince stencil on it earlier on, but as you know, white stencil ink doesn't stay on grey or any dark poly string at all after a few minutes of play. But, it's definitely still her old Head Extreme Pro 2.0 under that paint.