Penta Premium 3600 + Wise 2086....from the UK, worth the risk?

After a few years mastering the stringing hobby with my original and only machine used, the Gamma x-2 (a great machine to learn the skill btw, imo) , I have decided to upgrade.
I've been doing a lot of reading here and I appreciate everyone's input but I haven't read or noticed much said of the store racquetdepot at the uk nor about some of their machines, in particular the Penta premium 3600 with the wise 2086, at a very reasonable price compared to what's available here in the US.
Now just so you know, I'm looking for a portable tabletop machine more because of space than anything else, also portability.....I love what I read about the Neos 1000 , and would love to have one, but just don't have the space for it.
So what does the Penta brand compare to?
I had to go online to look at the package. It will be a major step up from your X-2. The pricing is very attractive, but also tells me that machine tolerances may not be that high. The machine is less than 1/2 the cost of a comparable Alpha, Gamma or Pros Pro machine. I think it would be comparable to Eagnas' machine. Before pulling the trigger, what is their return policy and what would be the shipping back to the drop site? The machine will probably do what it is suppose to do, string racquets. That can be said about any stringing machine. However, ease of use, finish, replacement parts, warranty, etc should also be considered. Do they have a repair/warranty center in your home country?

If you are in the USA, is Racquet Depot in California the same company?
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I'm in Orlando, FL, one of the reasons I'm hesitant is because of the support or lack of support here in the US, to make this kind of investment.....To say it compares to Eagnas would be a no go for me.
There are a couple of short vids on youtube about this machine but nothing where they actually mention any pros and actually looks like a solid machine. It carries a 2 year warranty. Racquetdepot in CA doesn't carry these machines.
In prior eras, I have used Neos glide bar clamps and Gamma 5003 clamps. Loved the glide bar clamps. Did not like the clamps on the 5003 that much. Felt a little loose. Used the clamps on a Neos 1500 and really like that. Smooth, precise and very easy to use. Clamps are where you really want the machine to hold up their end. I have not used any Penta machines, so I really can't tell you what they are like. Nor have I ever used an Eagnas. Since the cost is so low, they are cutting corners somewhere and I suspect that it would be machine tolerances and finish. Odds are the machine is made in China. You pay for what you get. Rather than getting the entire package, you could just get the stringing machine from the 3 brands mentioned and then if volume warrants it, get the WISE. Decision is yours and maybe someone else will chime in.
I have a PS 3600 and it is surprisingly well built for the price, the turntable and support towers are quite solid. OTOH it comes with cheap clamps, manual clamp bases and K-shaped side supports, so getting the WISE with the original setup feels a bit like putting a big engine in a small car, or buying an expensive racket and playing with the factory strings...


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A Wise is probably a good idea but they sell for -$700 From RD plus shipping plus a credit charge up charge. You can get better deals in the US. That leaves the 3600. With poor clamps, clamp bases, and K side supports I would pass on it.
I think that after you add around $100 shipping, $45 import tax, and $10 currency conversion fee you would better off finding a better machine in the US for a few dollars more.


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I think that after you add around $100 shipping, $45 import tax, and $10 currency conversion fee you would better off finding a better machine in the US for a few dollars more.
Does not really have to cost a few $$ more. One could get a table top LO for much less and if they want to upgrade to a Wise later that could be done too. If I was cramped for space I’d rather be putting up a LO that a machine with a Wise on it too.


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Appreciate your responses...

I'm trying to figure out "LO" but can't :unsure:
On a LO the tensioner rides on an arm to pull tension. The Wise tension is made to replace LO tensioner. If you put the Wise on a DW (Drop Weight) machine you will also need an adapter to mount it.
So I'm still deliberating and talking to RD's customer service. I mentioned that there isn't much information or vids available to help customers with decision.
Well he obliged and created a video clip of the unboxing and details of the machine.
I've included it here at please tell me what you think....I wish he had taken out the frame support parts out and shown them off:confused:

My opinion? it's a very solid piece from what I can see having the constant pull feature is what seals the deal for me.
Has your opinion changed at all? I value all your input so please do.
Please remember that the most important factors for me are : affordability, portability, constant pull, also practicality.....(will I have issues with obstructed holes?)
My plan is to string my own frames and be able to experiment and eventually string on a part time basis for friends and family for a little profit hopefully.
Soooo, let me have it guys....shoot away.

See post #5 and maybe start an offline discussion with that person. The machine will do the job. What may be an issue is the side supports and clamps for those of us use to better designs. Final decision is yours and we have already given our input.