People are underestimating others fitness levels and consistency

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    NOTE: THIS THREAD IS MEANT TO BE SEMI-SATIRICAL. DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY! I don't mean to make fun of Nickzor or his thread, but the responses there about serve speed are hilarious.

    So on my recent thread in the Health and Fitness section, I've been hearing things like the average rec rally is over in 4 shots or less and few people can contest rallies over 20 shots over the course of the match. Posters are saying how rec players are slow, inconsistent, and impatient and there WAS NO WAY they can play long rallies.

    The players on the UCLA club team can consistently maintain long rallies over 20 shots when playing sets and most of them are around 3.5-4.0 level players. It is a mentality thing. When most people watch guys like Monfils and Simon play out 61 and 71 shot rallies, they think only professional level players can maintain that level of consistency.

    We all are in this macho mentality of we need to hit winners and end the point in 6 shots. This isn't the TTW universe where everyone can hit 130 mph kick serves and 90 mph forehands on average. In the real world, consistency wins matches, and the pushers/grinders are the ones dominating recreational tennis.

    Watch these two rallies, the pros aren't the only ones who can maintain this kind of consistency. I've seen lower level rec pushers maintain rallies as long or even longer. The fact is with today's game, the slower courts and higher bounces promote this kind of style. Just because Nadal and Djokovic are pros doesn't mean the rec players like us can't play 4-5 hour three setters either.

    Here's one video recently posted on the forums. Most people say that rec players can't grind out points, but this is clearly an exception.

    Rec players are a lot more fit than we make them out to be. A lot of rec players are fairly good athletes and can run all day, especially the younger folk.

    there's plenty more but it'll take a bit of searching to find them, but seriously though?
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