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    Regarding the physical part of Tennis:

    How would each part as a component an effective percentage range of the game?

    For example:

    Serving - 50-70%
    Return - 50-70%
    Baseline Forehand 10-40%
    Baseline backhand 5-35%
    Approach 10-25%
    Volley 5-50%
    Overheads etc..

    I realize that it is subjective to a given players style and strengths and weaknesses and on a given game how a player adapts to their opponent's strengths and weaknesses

    Moreover that doubles and singles are two complimentary but distinctly different games.

    The reason i ask is that I've observed 2.0 - 4.0 clinics at quite a few clubs and I sense a pattern that routinely emphasize positioning drills which mostly combine baseline approach and volleys in combinations that work for singles and doubles games. From what I've noticed the typical "clinic" lasts 1.5 to 2 hours - first 15 min ='s warm ups - then 5-10 minutes is spent demonstrating the next set of drills and how they impact a game - The drills last 45 minutes and then the players play.

    Of this I would say less than 10% of the time the serve is practiced and when it is it's a 80% speed "second serve" to initiate a doubles serve and volley drill. Serve practices seem to be usually brought in time alloted - gap filling - "tune-up"

    So... if serving and returning combined might be more than 50% of the game, why do many clinics do less than this?

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