Persistent myths and misperceptions of players.


A simple example would be the old perception that Graf hit her forehand "late" which I think TT has pretty much debunked.

But, what other misperceptions about how particular players played, they're strokes, they're strengths and weaknesses?

I started this thread after watching old Mary Pierce videos. There seems to have always been this misperception about Pierce on TT - it always starts with "She was one of the most powerful players and when "on" could overwhelm anybody, but was inconsistent." That isn't that far off the mark, but a lot of Pierce discussions over the years seem to link her inconsistency to her "huge" hitting - like she was always swinging for the fences like Fernando Gonzalez, trying to put away every shot, and would either be "on" or "off" and hence the inconsistency. There's also the misperception that she hit exceedingly flat.

But, it's not like that at all. Pierce was a pretty disciplined ball striker and generally worked the point for her opportunities. While her standard rally shot might have been more powerful than a lot of players, she absolutely was not blindly swinging for the fences. She hit a lot of recovery loopy shots to get back into the court, she hit a lot of short angled rollers to open the court up for her put away shots, she hit slices if the ball was low and she was reaching. Her ground game was way more nuanced than she's given credit for.

IMO, her inconsistency from match-to-match and tournament to tournament isn't tied to reckless abandon hitting, but the broader factor of her less-than-stellar movement and average defensive skills. Much like Davenport, if she got "behind" in the point and on the run, she couldn't deploy her arsenal as effectively as when she controlled the court. Obviously, different players to varying degrees could take her out of her element. She had a little better movement than Davenport, but Davenport swung for the fences more than Pierce did.