pete sampras PS 6.0 weight in handle (lead)


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Hi guys..

First of all somewhere in the forums i read that Pete Sampras PS 6.0 has a huge amount of weight inside the handle exactly at the top of the handle just when throat starts.
Its like 3 1/2 oz of extra weight...

Is that true???

So his raq would weight like 450-60 grams...?????

The extra weight exacly in that area seems to be very very useful..

and gives you plenty of benefits according to the post..

Something else;when you add lets say 15 grams at 3&9 you should put the same amount of weight in handle to counter balance???????

or a little bit more to not change the balance of the stick????

In sampras case its like 5 times cuz he has like 90 grams of added weight in handle.



The only benefit it would give is Pete. I doubt anyone on this board could wield this racquet (weight wise).


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about John Cauthen's speculation

John Cauthen's speculation of adding 3 1/2 oz in handle sounds logical.

I alredy did it myself to an AERO TOUR + (NOT CORTEX)with less weight around (1.5 oz)(like 45 grams)and seems to work..

SW doesnt go too too high and you gets plenty of power stability and control at least more than before.....

Somebody can give me his impressions about this????

Im very confused about this story..-

thanks guys.