Petrova switched


from the Pure Storm MP to the "normal" Pure Storm. If I didn't went color blinded at least the paint is the one of the smaller version. Would be a funny history: Prince TT Hornet - Babolat Pure Drive - Babolat Pure Storm MP - Babolat Pure Storm.
Could have something to do with the coach: As far as I know Petrovas coach at the time of her switch from the PD to the Pure Storm MP is the same who worked with Safina at spring 2005 when she switched from Pure Storm to the MP version. When I asked him for the reason for that change he said: "That's my secret!" Not only because of this I have to say it's an unfriendly and arrogant guy.


Nice info jura. Intriguing to see a pro switch to a smaller headsize? Perhaps there is not as much adjustment time going from 100" to 98" as we expect when playing at the pro level.

Perhaps the color was painted to merely fool the opposition. who knows?
The safina thing did catch my attention also; bigger headsize and suddenly the mishits found their way in and ranking went up.


Interesting, as she has tended to spray alot of balls all over the place when she's not really on her game, many of them floating long. (I had the same experience a few years ago demoing the xylon Pure Power Bab, which seems to be the same stick without the Pure Storm MP paint).