PHH switches to actual new Yonex vCore Pro?


Watching Monte Carlo match against Dimitrov, paused, definitely 16x19 strings. Am or isn’t I wrong that he used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Tour G 16x20 kind of guy? At any rate he was played wicked fun tennis for at least the first set, probably the crispest singles I’ve ever seen him play.

As you were


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He was playing a completely blacked out frame (16x19) earlier this year prior to the Australian Open so could be that he is using in line with the Vcore Pro. As a singles player, he runs hot and cold.


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It means splaying him in the 1st round would be like getting a "Bye" as you will almost certainly make it to round 2.

Its basically a guaranteed win
Ahhh ....Thanks! I thought it had something to do with the pronounciation of his first name(s), since it was followed by "AirBear" :-D