What is the head to head record between Philippoussis and Henman ?
If he overcome Henman, it looks like it's going to a crash between
Philippoussis and Roddick.
Everybody's talking about serve speed of Roddick but I think Mark's serve
is the biggest and the most potent one right now.


Would be a great match with Roddick, and Mark is a very good chance of beating Henman in another great matchup. I am picking Mark over Tim, but it's a tossup. I only saw Mark's first set against Verkerk, but Verkerk outserved him in the first set both for pace and consistency. I think one of Verkerks second serves topped 120, and from memory he nailed a 137 serve too. He does it all so easy. Maybe his serve is nearly up there with Mark and Andy?



PPhilippoussis vs Henman head to head:
4-2 for Philippoussis


Henman will win this win in a nail-biter. It's Tim's year, and he will ride the wave into the final! Look for Tim to be holding the Cup on the Last Sunday, and I'm not talking about a tea cup!

don knot

Hey, I like Henman and want him to win just as much as the next guy, but the sad reality of the matter is that he's not. He has looked pretty bad in all of his completed matches and has not played anyone with a grass court pedigree. I would imagine if Flip plays at 75% he will beat heman in 3 maybe 4 sets. There are onlly 2 guys left in the draw that i think henman even has a shot at beating(mayer/johansson) possibly Moya. If Federer, roddick, hewitt, and grosjean lose, I'll feel a little bit better about heman's chances. Having said all of that.....Go TIm!


I think it will be a great match. I'm picking Henman based on his results thus far this year. he should be coming in with a ton of confidence off his results at RG not his surface and still makes the semis. Plus his nerves at Wimbledon don't kick in til the semis. Henman in 4.
Poo is scary. Just the way he looks gives me shivers. Henman hit an ace down the line and shot spot showed that it was like 1% in and Poo was complaining and cussing to the umpire. If I were the umpire, I woulda called it fault right when he started walking up to the chair.