Photos from Montreal Masters thursday


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Thanks for the nice comments; the two best matches were certainly Hewitt-Hrbaty and Nadal-Mathieu. In this last match, in the third set, Nadal was just returning the ball in play while Mathieu was the agressor; unfortunatly for him he made more mistakes. It was a lot of fun.

Craig Sheppard

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Wow this one is just impressive:

I'm not a Nadal fan, but his definition & size is incredible. That's like a comic book character arm.


Good photos.

The perspective from up in the seats is an interesting one. We're so used to court level photos (that's where most commercial photographers are positioned) that it's refreshing to see this different perspective.


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Thanks all again. I am using an EOS 20D with a 70-200 2.8 Canon. As for the perspective from up there, the lower seats were all sold out so I had no choice but it was ok as the stadium is not that big. Plus many good matches were on another court were I could sit anywhere and vary the perspective.