Physical Ability vs. Natural Ability for Success

Someone suggested that a player like Blake had made it to the top 10 based on his physical ability and prowess, but from me, not necessarily because of his natural tennis ability or mental strength as demonstrated by his records in long matches or against higher ranked players. What other players do you think reached their highest ranking based mostly on physical ability primarily?

My first thought was Ivan Lendl. He is my favourite former player, but his greatness came more by hard work, physical determination than natural ability such as other had in his day, Becker, Edberg and McEnroe.

In modern day, I think I would include Nadal as a Physical ability player which has brought his success more than a naturally gifted shot maker like Federer or others. Thoughts?
michael chang. although he was obsessed with crediting jesus, he did work very hard.

agassi was spoiled with talent and he wasted it so much by the time he got his head right, he was getting old and had to add hard work to the equation.
Yes, I thought of Thomas Muster also, because he worked so very hard and his physical condition kept him in so many matches. Chang..somewhat, because his quickness kept him in, not so much the gifted hand or shotmaker.