Picked up a few old school sticks


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Recently picked up a few old sticks in decent shape, to my surprise they play better than I thought.

Wilson Graphite Matrix mid, the black version with little red stripe. Feels nimble not big but solid enough to hit. No power whatsoever, but that is how the Wilson mids are.

Wilson Aggressor 85, feels slightly heavier than the Matrix, a tad more power, slightly more solid. Nice. Just feels little too heavy after hitting for a while.

Wilson Aggressor 95, this turns out to be a tweener, very powerful but feels tiny compared to the mids, and I hate its ping song when ball hits the string bed.

Dunlop Max 300i, god damn, loved the buttery feel of it, I know this is the stiffer version of the 200g, but still flexier than Wilson mids. Ball feel is wonderful. Can't complain about anything of this beauty. Only wish I am more fit, after playing for a hour I can barely swing...