Picking Grip Shape for Angell Racket


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I am going to order an Angell Racket soon, however when I was looking on their website the only choice I am struggling with figuring out is the grip shape, A, B, or C.

I currently play with a prince phantom 100X 305 with a 4.5 inch grip size. It is the most comfortable fitting grip I've ever held, and I want that to be the same for the Angell. I just don't know what Shape that the prince would be closest to.

Any help is appreciated.

PS. What type of grip would be akin to a Wilson over grip. The website doesn't make it to clear?


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I also have a similar question like the OP. Which Angel grip would be closer to the head rectangular TK82 pallet shape? From Angell website, I’d say the B grip would be similar to both prince and head?


Thank you. Very helpful. Do you know about the grip types at all?
grip type as in the base grip or the OG?
i found their synthetic base grip is quite comfortable. not tried their OG yet.
Angell also have the pallet system, so the sizes and shape of the butt cap can be changed if you need too. just need to contact Angell team to order through their website.


Grip type will also affect the custom weights used in the handle. Leather weighs apx 20g vs their regular synthetic grip which is about 12g.

If you order a 300g frame with leather grip will be lighter than a frame ordered with synthetic grip if you took both grips off.

The requested custom weight is measured after all components are picked.

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Angell's website just says grip type. It's pretty vague so I'm not sure what they are referring to.

They’re referring to the type of base grip.

- PU - standard synthetic base grip
- Perforated - same as above, only perforated
- Hybrid - some kind of hybrid between leather and synthetic materials
- Leather

Whatever you choose, you can simply apply a Wilson pro og over top to get that feel. If comfort is what you seek, I would go with either the PU or the perforated base grip.


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Dunlop and gamma are Wilson shaped too right? And volkl is like prince?

I don't know about Gamma, but yes, Dunlop and Yonex (I've recently learned) are similar to Wilson and Angell B. Volkl is very rectangular and quite different from Prince, closer to the Head shape and Angell A.


just got a grip shape B and seems more rectangle shaped than the more square shape on my yonex sticks. I'm thinking shape C would be more like yonex ...