Pickleball drills, round robin, etc for a weekly social


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Hello tennis traitors!!!


I help out with a kids program at a country club and sometimes with the adult live ball sessions. The pickle ball program has been picking up there and we have 6 PB courts now painted on 2 of our courts :eek:. We were having dedicated PB blocks where people could come and play with out reserving a court. I would help with some tips and explanation of rules to the new players.

Recently, there has been talk of setting up another block time to have a PB mixer/social of some sort and I was asked to help coordinate. I was thinking of having the courts rotate up or down depending on the winner of the last match or just rotate so everyone get's to play every one. It will most likely be doubles.

Other than that, I am wondering what else could be implemented into this block time. Anyone have experience of such things to incorporate into a group setting. Do they even do group drills for this game? I'm also going to be looking/asking around for beginner group drills/instruction for that level of play.