Pictures of height, majors, aces, DFs

Gary Duane

I started another thread last week. No pictures. I was still collecting data.

The first picture is of all the slam winners of the last 25 years or so. I left one guy out, Gonzalez, because his career all but ended in 1991. But if I am missing anyone else, or if the number of slams is wrong, let me know.

Height is in centimeters, from the ATP site. Some we might all disagree with, but it's a start.

I don't look at data this way. Too many rows packed together, too many columns. But I'm a bit too tired to hide data.

Green is from 6'1" down. So green shows the smaller players. ATP rounds off cms, but it puts the height pretty much in the right order.

Slam winners are red.

Obviously the data is skewed towards Fed/Nadal/Sampras, because those three are all listed the same height. But total slams are well represented by players 6'1" and under.

Note that the really tall guys who won majors are pretty much one slam wonders.

This might be the most obvious and least interesting view, but I'll use it to start out.