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Discussion in 'Strings' started by BC_TENNIS, Aug 28, 2007.


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    After stringing and tying off all mains on a two piece job I pull on the strings as if it was a guitar string and notice a different sound coming from the two center strings. These strings seem to produce more of a "pong" sound versus a "ping" from the outer strings. Obviously this means that the center strings are looser. Is this because something I am doing wrong or it is just because of the fact that center strings are longer and will have less tension? BTW I have the gamma 6004 two-piece mount machine with the lockout mechanism. Would this affect the racquet performance?

    If the loose tension is not on in my doing would it be advisable to increase the tension on the first mains by a bit and slowly taper down? Has someone done this?

    Thanks in advance

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